Maxine Mawhinney



Maxine Mawhinney broke through into the predominantly male dominated Northern Ireland media and rose to become one of the BBC’s top news anchors.

In a career that has taken her around the world in the last 40 years she has worked for BBC, UTV, SKY, ITN, GMTV and Reuters TV.

She has covered many major world events including: Presenting single handedly for the BBC on the night Diana died; being the Washington correspondent during the Clinton presidency and covering the trial of OJ Simpson. She also covered the siege in Waco, Texas, the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi and the first attempt to blow up the twin towers in New York.

She also covered the troubles in Northern Ireland during the turbulent 1970s and 80s.

For over 20 years she was a senior BBC News anchor and renowned interviewer. Then in April 2017  she left the BBC and launched her new career inspiring others through her keynote speaking,facilitating conferences, panel moderating and broadcasting.

Maxine has her own global weekly 15 minute interview programme The Moment with Maxine Mawhinney on YouTube where an eclectic mix of guests talk about a significant moment.

Keynote speeches include:

From the backstreets of Belfast to the top of the BBC

The Attention Economy

How to be a Newsreader

Fake News

Difficult Questions



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