Matthew Price



Matthew Price is an award-winning broadcast journalist and presenter with over two decades of experience covering some of the biggest stories of the last 20 years. Based in London now, previously Jerusalem, New York, Brussels and Belgrade, Matthew’s work online, on television and on radio has reached hundreds of millions globally and in the UK. He’s won BAFTA, DuPont, Sony and RTS awards among others. His reporting has been equally diverse – from the campaign trail of the last three US presidential elections, the Syrian and Iraq wars, from Libya during the fall of Gaddafi, the Haiti earthquake, Wall Street for the credit crisis, Mexico’s drug wars, Europe’s Eurozone and refugee crises, Britain’s Brexit referendum, to name just a few.


Chief Correspondent / Presenter Today programme, BBC Radio4.


Europe Correspondent based Brussels.

North America Correspondent based NYC.

Middle East Correspondent based Jerusalem.

Balkan Correspondent based Belgrade.

Newsround reporter / presenter.

Local radio and TV in Newcastle / Lincoln / Taunton.


Covered global events including Kosovo conflict, Sierra Leone intervention, Palestinian intifada, Olympics 2000, Turkish earthquake, 911, invasion of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq (2003) and subsequent collapse of the country, illness/death of Ariel Sharon, death of Yasser Arafat, World Cup 2006, Lebanon-Israel war 2006, Palestinian civil war, on Air Force One with GWBush Middle East tour, Lemans collapse and 2008 financial crisis, Obama – McCain election campaign (on the trail with McCain), Haiti earthquake, Michael Jackson death, Swine Flu in Mexico, BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Greek financial crisis, Eurozone crisis, Obama election 2012, refugee deaths in the Med, Costa Concordia sinking, Syrian war, shooting down of MH17, Europe’s 2014 refugee crisis – on the trail from Budapest, Paris Bataclan attacks, UK Brexit referendum campaign, Brussels terror attacks, Manchester concert

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