Martin Brooks



Martin Brooks is an inventor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker with an inspirational story that will remind any person, team or organisation how to be successful and creative in challenging circumstances. His story unique and inspiring, encompassing creativity, entrepreneurship and determination. 

Martin‘s daughter Mia was born with cerebral palsy which left her completely physically disabled, but able to communicate by pointing with her eyes. The systems initially offered for helping Mia communicate were bulky, expensive and very difficult to personalize. Martin thought there had to be a better way to help his daughter. He invented an app for the iPhone which has helped her communicate.
Martin Brooks‘ determination and love for his daughter made him dig deep and show a level of determination and resolve that motivates, inspires and challenges people to think more creatively about their own situations. Since 2002, Martin has run his own management training business, focusing on top-level communication skills.
"Martin gave an inspiring keynote speech to an audience of communications professionals in Sweden that I was also speaking at. Martin also showed me the skills and techniques to overcome a few bad habits and strengthen my talks - it's been fun putting them into practice. I have noticed a difference!"  Safia Minney MBE FRSA, Founder & Director People Tree - 2016

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