Marieke Bigg



Marieke Bigg is a sociologist with a specific interest in multiple gender issues impacting on medicine, psychiatry, mental heath and  feminist literature; a passionate speaker with a broad ranging academic background. 

Marieke holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Cambridge. Her research focused on the technological transformation of human reproduction, with a focus on human embryo research. She writes nonfiction on gender in medicine and psychiatry, and feminist literary fiction. She is also a training psychotherapist. 
Marieke is an expert on the social implications and histories of reproductive technologies like IVF, artificial wombs, stem cell science, gene editing, on the gender health gap in medicine and psychiatry, on the social implications of new topics and technologies in women’s health, feminist debates about women’s bodies and mental health, sex and sexuality, and feminist literature. 
She can also speak on sociology more generally, debates in psychiatry and psychotherapy, the role of science and scientists in society, the social implications of new scientific technologies more generally, feminism, women in media and culture, intersectional health issues, medical debates and reproductive politics, research culture and literature.
Marieke Bigg is a remarkable speaker whose passion and expertise in her field is truly inspiring. We had the privilege of hosting Marieke as a speaker for the NI Science Festival where she shone a light on important issues surrounding women's health both sociologically and scientifically.
Marieke has a deep understanding of how modern medicine has failed women, the research surrounding it, and the real-life consequences it has led to. She is able to deliver these complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner, intertwining personal narratives with scientific evidence,  and presenting them in a way that is engaging, informative, and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impact on her audience.

NI Science Festival
After working with Marieke at the Belfast Science Festival, it's clear she has the ability to speak engagingly in front of a live audience on both women's health and feminism. Not only was there a lot of interest in her work afterwards via questions from the floor but she was able to answer them deftly and thoughtfully to the clear delight of the audience.

Emma Campbell, host 
I interviewed Marieke for Bristol Ideas Festival in what was a lively and fascinating conversation that was hugely enjoyed by the audience. Marieke is a fantastic speaker - engaging and confident, with a forensic knowledge of women's health and the impact of the health gap. Her technical knowledge is met by her enthusiasm for the subject, which carries her audience along with her. Inspiring and informative, she would be a brilliant and smart addition to any event line up.

Sian Norris, Writer, journalist, host
Marieke came to Bradford Literature Festival to talk about her new book, This Won’t Hurt. She was a great speaker, shedding light on the inequalities that women’s body suffer because of misunderstanding and misdiagnosis from the medical community. Marieke is as thoughtful a presenter as she is a writer, and shared knowledge with our audiences in an accessible and engaging way. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again and will look forward to another opportunity to do so.

Bradford Literature Festival 

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