Marc Priestley



Marc Priestley is the industry leading speaker, business consultant, coach & mentor from the high performance world of Formula One. He’s also a television presenter & founder of the hugely successful Pitlane Life Lessons Podcast.

After a decade with the globally renowned McLaren Group as a senior figure in engineering & management at one of F1’s most successful teams, Marc now shares his insights & learnings with businesses & events around the world.

Using 1st hand experience in the elite pitstop crew, changing wheels in less than 2 seconds, & winning World Championships with superstars like Lewis Hamilton, Marc teaches the mindset & strategy required to make accurate, pressurised decisions fast, whilst constantly performing at the highest level.

How do you build high performing teams?

Foster an organisational culture to breed innovation?

Market yourself differently to the competition?

Use data to create advantages?

Get buy-in from your team when going through change?

These are challenges faced by all sectors, all the time, & Marc, together with Formula One, has some fascinating ideas on how to solve them.

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