Marc Hogan



An ex-sales and marketing professional with over 14 years experience, Marc has inspired audiences to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges and improve their communication and influencing skills with his presentations.  Funny Business, S.A.L.E.S and Inspirational Communication are dynamic presentations that can be tailored to meet specific needs.
His clients have included Tesco, Barclays, Volkswagen, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BAA, Virgin Media, KPMG, Select Group and Bechtel. 
Although packed with humour, there's a serious business message behind his presentations.  Marc's account of his personal journey into comedy, complete with setbacks, triumphs and even a few tears and tantrums, will inspire an audience to see new possibilities and will teach them to taker personal action to achieve their personal goals.
He has performed to acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival and has acquired an impressive reputation as a motivation speaker who can engage an audience with his natural ability to make people feel at ease and interact.
Marc's Presentations are unique. Take 'Funny Business: An inspiring talk packed with humour and a serious business message'.  
Can a sales and communications trainer become an Edinburgh Festival comic in less than 12 months all to win a £1 bet?  In August 2008, while giving a talk to a business audience, a fellow speaker told Marc that he was 'quite funny'. But would a paying audience who expect nay, demand laughs, think the same?
“So you want me to do an open mic spot at a comedy club then?" Marc replied. “Right you are!  But that was far too easy a challenge. Surely a professional speaker, used to playing big audiences, should set his sights higher ... or at least further north.
“I bet you £1 that you can't put on a successful show at the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival"  -  The bet was on.  Marc had less than 12 months to perform a one hour comedy show for 21 nights at the world's largest comedy festival.
And so it began the open spots, the sleepless nights, the laughs, the silences, the boos and the booze, and the endless, endless writing, rewriting, rephrasing and finding different words for what became the biggest challenge of Marc's life.
"Marc's fun filled presentation certainly got over many salient points and in addition to be entertaining leaving delegates plenty to think about."   BAPC Annual Conference 
“Marc opened our annual sales conference as we wanted to begin with an entertaining yet uplifting selling skills presentation and he certainly delivered, his delivery and content was exactly what we were looking for. His sales techniques are neatly entwined within his Edinburgh festival experience which in itself is compelling journey to listen to. He included the audience where appropriate and made several key observations through his presentation that prompted you to question your own style or technique. A great start to a great conference thank you Marc!  Honeywell Sales Conference
“I wanted a speaker to wrap up our conference who could inspire our sales teams. I didn't want a sportsman a mountaineer or an astronaut. That might be uplifting, but does it truly inspire and drive change? Most of us don't run, row or climb. Marc started where many of us started and then he got brave. Really, really brave. He was funny, challenging and wise. More than that, Marc inspired change; many made promises, several committed to a change in attitude and at least one made a major life change. I would recommend him without hesitation. Vice President Neurosciences EAME, Allergan Ltd
“Marc Hogan was a great way to close our day, he was engaging, entertaining, very funny and most importantly he was on message, his story resonated with the business themes and his energy captured the business intent. Excellent!!!  MD, Barclays Wealth International

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