Lucy Eden

Lucy has been in the live events industry for over 15 years and has been lucky enough to work with renowned brands around the globe, but Lucy always wanted to simply create incredible and more importantly memorable experiences for all her clients.

In 2020, when the Covid pandemic hit the world, as with many people, her career also took a massive blow, rendering her with no work and worse, no purpose. Like many of us, Lucy decided she needed to make a change, she needed to adapt!

With a need for soemthing to focus on, Lucy stumbled across a YouTube video on the art of macramé. Finding it a frankly peaceful outlet from the faced paced uncertainty of our global catastrophe consuming every media outlet possible. Lucy found this to be so rewarding, so she thought what better way to share some much-needed peace with others who are feeling the same; lonely, isolated, and burnt out!

Soon, Lucy was teaching upwards of 1000 followers her art, all with differing reasons to dial in to her classes, some live alone, some with families, children or just simply wanted a change of direction. By creating a safe space, a tribe had gathered in the void, and their lives had changed forever.

Lucy found herself enamoured with this feeling, the feeling of bringing people together and giving them space to heal from the horrors outside their screen – this feeling was even better than successfully completing a 10,000 attendee event! Lucy had found her calling – Wellness.

Lucy then decided to grow this even further, becoming a qualified Mental Health First Aider and Reiki Practitioner. Eventually Lucy founded Be In Your Element which offers up a strong team of Well-being Warriors who teach classes and events such as breathwork, transformation, nutrition and even African drumming. They provide tailored holistic experiences, that work around the modern human’s lifestyle, live, virtual or hybrid. The goal is to make wellbeing accessible, empowering and nurturing.

Lucy’s 4 elements that make her happy

  • Sunday strolls with family
  • Laughing with friends
  • Organising surprise parties (seeing that shock face moment!)
  • Mindful ‘me’ moments - be that meditation, making macramé, yoga or wild water swimming.

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