John Browne



Lord John Browne is the former CEO of BP and the acclaimed author of 'Seven Elements That Changed the World', 'Beyond Business' and 'The Glass Closet: Why Coming Out is Good Business'.
As a keynote business speaker Lord John Browne shares rare and valuable perspectives from his time as former CEO of one of the most recognised and influential companies in history. His story encompasses the insights gained as he transformed a national company, challenged a global industry, and prompted political and business leaders to change the way they think about business, the environment, and corporate responsibility. Browne also discusses the economicsĀ of equal rights in the corporate landscape, exploring how fostering a workplace that encourages openness, tolerance, and respect can ultimately, and significantly, bolster business performance”from productivity to profitability.
His speech topics include: 
¢ The Glass Closet: The economics of acceptance and inclusion of minorities in the workplace and how your organisation can boost performance through a simple”but profound”change in corporate culture.
¢ Leadership: Lord Browne draws on his experience of success and failure to ask the question 'What makes a great leader?'
¢ The Role of Business in Society: How to ensure that business is a powerful force for good
¢ Climate Change and Renewable Energy: As the first oil company CEO to acknowledge the risk posed by climate change, Lord Browne is uniquely placed to discuss climate change and the proper place for renewables in the energy mix.
¢ Energy: Lord Browne discusses the future of the world's energy system.

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