Lisa Forte



Lisa is an experienced cybercrime keynote speaker speaking around the world on cybercrime and social engineering. In 2019 Lisa won the Top 100 Women in Tech award. Lisa began her career working in anti-piracy and Counter-terrorism intelligence researching online radicalisation and the risky social engineering process undertaken by terrorist recruiters. She then moved into one of the UK Police Cyber-Crime Units where she got to know the attackers’ mind sets and methodologies well. Almost all the cases involved social engineering. Lisa formed Red Goat Cyber Security in 2017 with the goal of reflecting the techniques and methodologies being used by hackers. They provide GCHQ certified social engineering training, security testing and wargaming exercises to help organisations prepare for an attack.

As a speaker, Lisa is globally recognised and delivers emphatic and dynamic presentations through the medium of storytelling. These are based on her expert and personal experiences of dealing with cybercrime cases and the research she has done into how cyber criminals use psychological principles in their activities.

An experienced cyber security trainer, Forte knows how to effectively communicate her message to all types of audience in a lively, informative and engaging manner.

Lisa’s YouTube vlog, Rebooting, has attracted big names in cyber security and focuses on debating hot and controversial issues in security.

Popular Talks:

Unmasking The Insider Threat - A shocking look at the world of insider threats. Lisa walks you through her own research and alarming findings. You will hear about real cases of insider threats and how to build an insider threat program that works.

How I Destroyed a Country’s Maritime Industry in 3 days - Lisa ran a cyber attack wargame for an EU state to test how they would respond. Learn what mistakes they made that led to their downfall in just 3 days.

Real Cases of Social Engineering: Hackers, Competitors and Insiders - Lisa talks the audience through an impressive and terrifying case of social engineering that she worked on. Learn that sometimes the attacker could be a competitor.

About Lisa Hunting The Hackers: How Cyber Criminals Operate - Lisa shares her experience of how cyber criminal gangs operate, how they hide from law enforcement and how they have HR departments too!

The Dark Side of Social Engineering - Lisa examines techniques employed by cults and the mafia and demonstrates how we are all vulnerable. Learn important lessons.

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