Larry Hotchman

Larry spent 10 years as a Director of British Airways and the loyalty management company, Air Miles, in both New York and London. His roles included Director of Customer Service and Director of People and Culture (he being the first person in Britain to hold this title). He is not just a theorist, but has turned his ideas into tangible business triumphs on both sides of the Atlantic.

"Putting the customer at the heart of everything that is said, done, promised and DELIVERED is the key to success of every enterprise." Larry Hochman

Larry pioneered Corporate Mentoring in the U.K. at AirMiles and has been the Personal Mentor to several Chief Executives in both the U.K. and across Europe. Larry brings the practical experience of 10 years of director level, hands on decision making experience at multi-national companies (British Airways and AirMiles), as well as the insight gained from having made 250 speeches to companies and governments all over the world during the past 8 years.

Larry Hochman uses his vast insights to help companies develop a competitive advantage by focusing attention on the needs of their customers and their people. Larry's ability to spot future trends has turned his theories into tangible business successes around the globe.

Articulate and charismatic, Larry is globally recognised as a leading authority on the future trends of customer service, leadership, business transformation, globalisation, talent management and on the development of effective people and culture in organizations. His presentations are inspirational and highly motivating.

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