Kristina Grimes



Kristina Grimes is an inspirational business woman who stepped into the limelight as the star of the hit BBC1 show 'The Apprentice' in 2007. From the minute Kristina hit our screens, it was clear that she was a force to be reckoned with. She was, without doubt, the people's favourite. She excelled at every task and displayed a steel-like determination to succeed. Her outstanding business attributes were evident week after week and the nation was shocked when Sir Alan Sugar did not choose her as the winner. Kristina, as always, accepted defeat with utter dignity, further endearing her to the massive 'Apprentice' audience.

Kristina first displayed her strength of character in her teens. From the tender age of 17 Kristina single-handedly raised her beloved son, Graeme. Whilst supporting Graeme, she put herself through University and then proceeded to make her mark in business. Through sheer hard work, determination and total commitment, she became a highly successful business woman.

Kristina is now the Investment Sales Director for a leading property developer. She continues to prove that she has the versatility to be a success in any industry and says "I aim higher and higher, there will be never a limit to what I want to achieve. For every success the drive and enthusiasm just gets greater; the motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of success just grows and grows. I will never give up in realising my full potential".

Kristina's story will make you realise that no matter how difficult the challenge, you should never give up. Through sheer hard work and determination we all can realise our dreams.

Kristina is an electrifying business and inspirational/motivational speaker

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