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Katherine came into Performing Artistes's studio for a chat with director, JJ Jackson in May '24. Highlights of their conversation are below, while the whole interview can be found on her webinar page.

Katherine Templar-Lewis is a cognitive scientist, science communicator, and co-founder and director of Kinda Studios, a female strong creative neuroscience studio exploring the aesthetics of human experience.

With a background in human and cognitive science, Katherine is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, bringing scientists and creatives together to solve the complex and very human challenges we face today. Her mission is to equip people with the tools needed to not just thrive in an uncertain society but to drive innovation, seize opportunities and unlock their own potential. 

As a science presenter and communicator, Katherine is currently the co host and lead scientist on The Uncertainty Experts, a new interactive documentary, with Sam Conniff. 

She is co author of the book and modern identity field guide Do You (published 2024) and co host and executive producer on the Audible Originals neuroscience and wellbeing podcast series Beyond 5 Senses (2024). 

Katherine regularly appears as a science expert across a range of media platforms including on the BBC, Sky News, NBC, CNN, Radio 4, The Today Show (NBC), The One Show, Start the Week and more. She also writes about science and brains for the likes of VICE, Motherboard, Creators Project, Pavement Licker, Sandwich, and SIESMA and has been featured in The Guardian, The Metro, The Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times, and many more. Brands she has worked with as a consultant and speaker include Apple, LEGO, Nike, Volvo, Nestle and TikTok. 

With international experience from conferences to leadership summits, she brings a refreshing energy and new lens on the world. Her focus is you, how your brain works, and how to optimise it. Katherine will play the role between the co-host, coach, mediator and rebel thinker. With the option to incorporate live scientific experiments and audience interactivity, she will work with you to define key outcomes and takeaways and ensure your delegates walk away feeling both inspired, and equipped with insight and tools to turn thought into action.

Suggested talks

Uncertainty: Change & Leadership: In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, open mindedness, comfort with ambiguity and divergent thinking are essential skills for high-performing individuals and the leaders of the future. As lead scientist  on the world’s largest experiment in Uncertainty, The Uncertainty Experts, this session brings fresh insight and galvanises individuals and teams to make better decisions and solve complex problems. Learn how to use uncertainty, as a tool that drives innovation, growth and opportunity.

Connection: Team Building & Performance: Connection is, we now know, the bedrock of well-being. It is core not just to our survival but our ability to thrive. Through a fascinating exploration of the three lenses of connection, self, others and nature this session identifies the innate tools we have evolved to amplify connection across both our professional and personal lives. As we look to the role of storytelling, empathy, creativity and imagination, body language and even ritual you will leave with a new fascination for the body and mind, an a new range of skills to unlock your full potential.

Emotion: Decision-making & Agility: Emotions and emotional intelligence was once the domain of soft skills. Not anymore. Neuroscience has recently revealed to us the vital importance of emotions not just to physical and mental health but to our leadership and decision making ability. Key to agility and adaptability and underpinned by on our ability to connect to our body, a newly discovered sense known as interception. Emotions are a data source for empathy and intuition. EQ is now rated as the most important decision making tool of the 21st century (Forbes).

Neuroaesthetics: Creativity & Wellbeing: As a pioneer in the exciting new field of neuroaesthetics and cofounder of the women led creative neuroaesthetics studio and lab, Kinda Studios, Katherine has a decade of experience working with creatives, translating neuroscience out of the labs and accelerating it into the public domain through creative design, immersive experiences and events. This new branch of neuroscience is everywhere. From fashion and art, to architecture, travel, soundscapes, car interiors and city design. Learn how sound, light, art, nature, design and yes, even psychedelics, can all impact us in ever nuanced ways.


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