Julie Holmes



Julie Holmes is a powerhouse speaker and the founder of Ambassador Selling. This American based in London is an award-winning speaker (audience selected) who has worked with audiences on five continents to sell way more to their very best customers. Her enthusiasm for sales and the impact of exceptional sales service comes through in her stories, original content and her unique perspective on seller/buyer relationships.

After a 20-year career in B2B marketing and sales – most recently as the Director of Strategy for a global software company – Julie began delivering her unique and proven approaches to understanding the true value of customers, picking perfect prospects, and delivering exceptional sales service. The content that she delivers is thought-provoking and full of clear, actionable ideas that deliver immediate value to audiences and the organizations they work for.

Not only is Julie an audience favourite, she’s pretty popular with organisers as well!

She personalizes content to match event themes and objectives and is a consummate professional committed to doing everything in her power to ensure your event is a success. Her dedication and expertise are documented: she is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and a Fellow of the Association of Professional Sales.

From entrepreneurs to small enterprises to global giants, Julie challenges and inspires audiences and organizations to thrive in the face of competition by creating profitable, loyal relationships that drive massive lifetime value.

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