Julia Hobsbawm



Julia Hobsbawm is an award-winning business author and futurist of work.

Her latest book is The Nowhere Office  about reinvenbting the worlkplace post covid (2022), which was listed by the FT as a “book to read in 2022”. She hosts a podcast of the same name with Stefan Stern.

In the book, Julia addresses the new challenges of remote working in the wake of the pandemic, repurposing offices for more creative interaction, managing WFH teams and satisfying the demand for more purposeful work with greater work/life balance.

The Nowhere Office has been praised by the Financial Times, has been covered by media outlets including Forbes, Bloomberg and the BBC, and has been described variously by leaders in business, media and thought leadership as ‘a masterwork’, ‘a tour de force’ and ‘brilliantly captures the zeitgeist of our times – how and where we work’. 

Julia has been described as ‘one of the cutting edge thinkers on the future of work’ (RSA), and “brilliant at seeing tomorrow’s ideas today”. 

Julia Hobsbawm’s previous book, The Simplicity Principle :six steps towards clarity in a complex world (March 2019), draws on nature and neuroscience to provide a workable system for achieving clarity and calm in an increasingly complex world. Arianna Huffington described the book as “The answer to the question of our modern time: how to recapture simplicity”.

Julia Hobsbawm is also author of Fully Connected : Social Health in an Age of Overload which was short listed for both Management Book of the Year 2018 and Business Book of the Year 2018.

A regular speaker for corporate audiences as well as the OECD and EU amongst policymakers, in 2018 Arianna Huffington named her editor-at-large of a new Social Health section of the global wellbeing portal, THRIVE.

Julia Hobsbawm sits on the Advisory Boards of The European Workforce Institute and the new workplace app Guild. She was awarded an OBE for Services to Business in 2015.

Julia Hobsbawm is also founder of the knowledge networking business Editorial Intelligence, which pioneered new diverse network thinking and the ideas conference Names Not Numbers, The Comment Awards and the technology conference and podcast series The Human and the Machine.

Julia has made several BBC programmes on networks and networking, and is a regular commentator and broadcaster around the world. She is a Patron of The Zoe Education Trust, and the Facial Surgery Research Foundation. 


The pandemic has precipitated a wholesale re-think about the form and role of work in contemporary life.

Julia is one of the foremost analysts of contemporary work and connectivity, and how they affect our everyday lives. Her insights - generated from meticulous research and decades of acclaimed commentary - are critical for any organisation looking to understand the future of work.

Julia Hobsbawm has extensive experience speaking for corporate events, international conferences and festivals. She is a regular speaker for Women Ahead/Moving Ahead, helping support leadership development in sport and business.

Julia Hobsbawm’s previous engagements include:

  • CASE Europe Annual Conference
  • The Drucker Forum (Vienna)
  • Online Educa (Berlin)
  • Accenture
  • Barclays
  • EY
  • IKEA
  • Sony
  • WPP


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