Josh Valman



Josh Valman is a world leader in rapid innovation and manufacturing. He is the founder and CEO of RPD International, the consultancy powering more than 100 corporate R&D departments around the world. He brings a wide industry perspective of rapid product development, from telecos and consumer goods to transport and energy. Headquartered in London with offices in The Netherlands, China and Singapore, RPD runs over 120 factories allowing for the fast develop process of new products, rapid in-market testing, and manufacturing at scale. 

Josh began his engineering aged 10, in robotics, entering to the TV show Robot Wars. He went on to teach himself engineering using Google, designing complex components and systems whilst still at school. For almost three years, from the classroom and his bedroom, Josh ran corporate supply chains across the US, Europe and Asia, demonstrating how enterprises could use Chinese production to cut their own costs. After clients discovered his age, at 17, Josh ended his early consultancy career having sold the business.

Josh has subsequently gone on to build RPD on a simplified approach that reduces the cost and risk of validating new products and markets. As well as a well a recognized figure in the innovation and engineering industries, his company now powers global R&D for the likes of Vodafone, Bosch, Pernod Ricard and Unilever. He is a regular speaker on the international circuit and still competes in Robot Wars.

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