Josh Elton



Hailing originally from Swansea and now proudly based in Cardiff, Josh Elton stands as a formidable comedic presence in the world of entertainment. With an extensive career spanning over seven years, he boasts an impressive track record of performing at well over a thousand gigs on the vibrant Welsh comedy circuit, solidifying his reputation as a true luminary in the field.

What sets Josh apart is his distinct fusion of attributes, blending high-energy performances, uproarious humor, and the unique ability to seamlessly switch between bilingual comedy. As a Jewish comedian, he brings a fresh and culturally rich perspective to his sets, captivating audiences from all walks of life.

Whether he's firing off rapid-fire punchlines that leave you in stitches or engaging in delightful banter with the crowd, he possesses a natural knack for forging connections with his audience, ensuring that the laughter persists throughout his entire act.


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