Josceline Dimbleby



Josceline Dimbleby has been one of Britain's most popular food writers for nearly thirty years. Her inventive cookery books have sold well over 2 million copies in the UK alone, and been translated into many languages.

Josceline's diplomatic childhood meant that she travelled widely and developed a taste for a wide range of cuisines at a young age. At school she enjoyed writing and singing most of all and studied singing at a conservatoire in Switzerland followed by three years at the Guildhall of Music in London. In 1967 she married the television presenter David Dimbleby and subsequently put a singing career on hold in order to dedicate herself to bringing up their three young children. With artists and musicians going back several generation on both sides of her family and herself a singer and photographer, Josceline's inherited creativity extended to her cooking, inspired by dishes and flavours she had enjoyed on her travels. Encouraged to write her recipes down, she discovered work which combined well with family life.

Josceline has published sixteen cookery books and was cookery correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper for 15 years. She continues to travel widely, writes on travel and food for various publications, does live talks and contributes to television and radio programmes.

Her recent challenge was a complete change from anything she had done before; a biographical family mystery story spanning 100 years, which included her great grandmother's secret relationship with the Pre-Raphaelite artist Edward Burne-Jones. She found the research and writing the most enjoyable work of her life and 'A Profound Secret' was published in March 2004 to great critical acclaim. The book was Radio 4's Book of the Week, with Josceline as narrator. She gave talks on how she gradually unearthed the intriguing story at all the major literary festivals and is still asked to speak about it at regional ones. The book inspired the creation of a romantic evening of words and music The Artist's Muse, which has been performed to enthusiastic audiences in London and at country house events.

Josceline is also actively involved with her son Henry Dimbleby's award winning new chain of restaurants Leon, contributing ideas and recipes. She and her singer daughter Kate Dimbleby appeared together at a large charity event in Worcester Cathedral; Josceline talking and Kate singing.
Her latest book, 'Orchards in the Oasis' published in October 2010, includes stories about her life from the 1950s to the present day, featuring her love of travel and food and, of course, some of her delicious recipes.  The Guild of Food Writers presented Joseline with the Kate Whiteman Award for Food & Travel writing for 'Orchards in the Oasis'  in June 2011.
Josceline's 1980's bestseller 'Marvellous Meals with Mince' has recently been revised and the new edition published by Quadrille in September 2012.

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