Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn

Neil Laybourn and Jonny Benjamin MBE bring forth powerful and impactful discussions centered around their fascinating personal story and ongoing efforts in the realm of mental health and suicide awareness.

The duo has been sought after to deliver talks and seminars to numerous well-known brands and organizations globally, spanning companies, universities, and schools. Additionally, they have made numerous international TV and media appearances, focusing on the crucial topics of suicide prevention and promoting mental health awareness.

Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn will share their inspirational story, "Stranger on the Bridge," coincidentally sharing the same title as the acclaimed Channel 4 production. This documentary chronicles Jonny’s personal journey with mental health, recounting his 2008 suicide attempt. The narrative unfolds to reveal how a timely intervention by Neil on that fateful day would later serve as the catalyst for Jonny's determined quest to locate Neil and reunite the two strangers.

This pivotal moment, reminiscent of the concept of "sliding doors," set both men on an unfathomable, nearly decade-long journey. This journey includes the establishment of a UK national charity, the development of a groundbreaking global workplace conference series, and collaborative campaigns alongside British Royalty. Through these experiences, both men have found incredible purpose in sharing their collective wisdom and contributing to the discourse on mental health.


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