Jonathan Pagden




Jonathan is an experienced voiceover artist specialising in live event co-presentation as Voice of God.

He is anything but a beginner, with a long VOG track record, particularly for awards shows and big events, and he often has more words than anyone else on the stage! He's especially good at the tricky bits that can cause the less well-versed to stumble and falter.

Being the 'Voice Of God' is much more than just announcing "Ladies And Gentlemen...". There's often complicated technical jargon; dealing with unexpected departures from the script; editing words on the fly to match changing timings and situations; and being the link between the crew on the headsets and the action on the stage. Jonathan is a past master with all the skills and that's why, for many clients, he's the Voice of Choice for Voice of God.

Jonathan is also a daytime live radio presenter presenter on Wycombe Sound, drawing on his thirty-plus years of wide-ranging experience. He has also showcalled some very high profile events.

Clients include Domino's Pizza, Energy Institute, Association of Project Management and The Prince's Trust.

Jonathan is UK based but will travel anywhere.

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