Jonathan Mitchener



Futurologist and gadget expert, Jonathan Mitchener covers the whole range of futures topics, but has special interests in future gadgets and devices as well as the world of robotics and nanotechnology.
Although coming at futurology from a science and technology perspective, Jonathan is keen to stress that the future is about much more, and hence he also relates his material to economic, social and political contexts.  He also uses his research background to help advise organisations.
With a first class honours graduate in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in 1988, Jonathan has undertaken a wide range of roles during more than twenty years with BT including research, systems deployment, and technology and management consultancy.
He is currently Chief Technology Officer with PolyChemTech Ltd but also freelances with different organisations to help them understand the impacts of future disruptive change on their businesses.
He travels widely to speak to inspire and provoke a range of audiences on futures topics and also writes for many journals and magazines.  He was invited to advise the BBC's science magazine, 'Focus' as futures expert in 2008. 
Jonathan enjoys helping organisations with future strategies and provoking audiences to think beyond their day-to-day world into an exciting but often disruptive future landscape. His versatility and experience can give a conference a thought-provoking edge and he has experience on camera and in the radio studio.

His expertise is applicable to many audiences, since devices and consumer electronics lend themselves to entertaining demonstrations.


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