Joe Lynam



Joe is a former business correspondent and was the relief business presenter on BBC's flagship Today Programme. Between 2011 and 2013, he was the business correspondent on Newsnight and covered the Eurozone debt crises reporting from Cyprus, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Ireland.

Joe also been the BBC's Weekend Business Correspondent covering economic, business, company, financial and personal finance news on the main BBC One bulletins as well as Radios 4 and 5 Live and BBC World Service.

He broke the news that the Irish government were in talks with the IMF and EU for bailout, while in 2012 he had the exclusive that the British goverment were in talks with Aby Dhabi about taking a stake in RBS.

He also won the prestigious Wincott Award for financial journalism, for his work on fraud and vishing.

On a lighter note, his second son was born on the way to hospital in the front of his family car - both son and wife survived the experience unscathed!

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