Jim Lawless



As CEO of transformation innovators Symmetry, Jim is a leading architect of change and trusted advisor to international organisations, fast-growth companies and Olympic Teams. His latest speeches deal with the impact of AI.

As a speaker, Jim is well known internationally for his energy, humour, engagement and his lasting impact on mindset and action. He leaves a new vocabulary behind that lives on in meetings and in thinking. 

Audiences are captivated by his storytelling and his empathy for their unspoken fears that surround change. They give weight to his practical takeaways because he has proven them personally in extreme adaptations.

Author of the international best seller ‘Taming Tigers’ (Random House), Jim became a televised jockey (and lost 25% of his bodyweight) within 12 months of sitting on a horse. He became the deepest freediver in British history within 8 months.

Both of these rapid adaptations were done to test and validate his approaches. Both were done alongside his day job - just as all work transformations are.

Outside of work, Jim is a helicopter pilot, kundalini yoga practitioner, freediver, pianist and novice tennis player.


"Jim Lawless related to our current situation – an organisation going through massive change – with wit, enthusiasm and challenge."

Isabel Nisbet, Acting Chief Executive, OFQUAL

"We at Apple pride ourselves in thinking differently, that is why we work in partnership with Jim. Our big conference pitches and our key sales presentations have both been inspired by the Lawless touch."

Human Resources Director, APPLE EUROPE

“Working with Jim proved to be challenging and a turning point for our Exec team. It allowed us to step back and examine how we were operating as a team and create a team agreement around how we would step up together.”

Ursula Morgenstern, CEO, ATOS UK & Ireland

“Jim made a tremendously positive and inspiring impact - exactly what was needed!”

Nick Pounder, Associate Director Human Resources GILEAD

“It exceeded my expectations in so many ways and I wanted to let you know that the unsolicited feedback from participants has been resoundingly positive. A standing ovation is not given lightly by our European Leadership Team - a true testament to the value you brought to our conference and I'm confident that we are ready as a team to both tame and unleash our inner tigers.”

Sinead Collins, HR Director-European Cereal & Marketing, KELLOG’S

“Jim was truly inspiring on the day. He had the audience memorised with his fantastic story telling - you could hear a pin drop. The subsequent feedback from delegates has been outstanding!”

John Pitts, Training Manager, VOLVO


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