James Cannon



James Cannon is a highly experienced broadcaster whose services are in constant demand as a VOG or host of awards ceremonies in the corporate sector

James Cannon's day job is hosting The Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Surrey, but he has worked mostly in commercial radio including 13 years on Capital FM in London.  Over the years he has hosted numerous award shows as well as providing the VOG. 

His voice over work includes Gillette, Daily Mail, Intel, BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and Capital FM.

As a broadcaster James won a Sony Radio Academy Award.  He gave his voice to Gillette's famous 'The Best a Man Can Get' tagline and to Channel 4's Sunday morning strand, 'T4'.  He was the voice of Top of the Pops on BBC One as well as Sky Movie News.

As a presenter at Capital FM, he won a Sony Award for 'Daily Music Show of the Year' for his mid-morning radio programme and a nomination for his feature ‘Flirty at 9.30’, which was responsible for a couple of marriages and some truly awful dates!  



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