James Brett



James Brett is the Founder of Plant for Peace, a global initiative to create horticultural co-operatives, aimed at bringing sustainable stability to communities in countries crippled by conflict.   

It's a remarkable initiative currently focused on Afghanistan, where James has persuaded 22,000 farmers to stop growing poppies - the source of much of the world's heroin - and start growing pomegranates and mulberries instead.

He singlehandedly hosted seven tribal Elder gatherings, addressing approximately 55,000 Elders, convincing the entire farming community of Afghanistan to join Plant for Peace as a positive alternative livelihood subject to necessary support.

The innovative products from Plant for Peace are now on sale in supermarkets.

But if James had never set foot in Afghanistan, had never toured this troubled country without a bodyguard, badge or gun, his achievements would still be mind-boggling, because his life story is truly astonishing. It's a story that includes child abuse by his grandfather, the early tragic death of his mother, his decline into drug addiction, homelessness, prison, violence and mental illness. Ultimately it's a story of recovery, hope, humility and vision.

James shares his story in a searingly honest, deeply moving and inspiring 60 minute session. His audiences are as diverse as global leaders, prison inmates, the business world, and mental health patients.


"James’s story touched and inspired people at a profound level. The way in which he has overcome his extremely challenging early life experiences to create such an improbable and impactful business is genuinely astonishing. The honesty, humour and emotion with which he described his journey challenged everyone present to reconsider the scale of their own ambitions and their views on what’s possible in their own lives.”  Group Executive Director & Co-Founder, The Brand Learning Partners Ltd

“We have had over 100 speakers at The Marketing Academy events over the last 5 years but no one has had the impact of James Brett. He’s inspirational, stunningly honest, and the personification of humility. At his most recent talk (we’ve booked him 4 times) not one of our Scholars moved a muscle during the entire hour and by the end there was not a dry eye in the house. James is the only speaker at a Marketing Academy event to receive a standing ovation that we actually had to call time on.”  Founder & CEO of The Marketing Academy


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