High on Heels



Powerhouse performances from a collective  of incredible, all female  artistes. Personalized packages can include  a DJ , percussion, vocals, electric violin and a full horn section bringing raw musical talent and a unique touch of glamour and sass to any and every type of event.

Nothing says 'PARTY' better than the brilliant blast of brass. Their new full horn section comprises of the Saxophone, Tenor Sax, Trumpet and Trombone . It can be booked seperately or in conjunction with a DJ, Vocalist and other musicians for a truely exciting, hugely energetic sound.

A more laid back vibe cna also be created with specially designed set to create the perfect ambiance. Melt and mesmerise listeners with a scintillating fuse of nostalgic classics, latin styles and souful beach vibes with tender arrangements that create a relaxing yet uplifting atmosphere to soothe and enchant guests. 

DJ live is a more freestyle alternative where one or more musicians can jam intuitively alongside a DJ.

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