Hayley Mulenda



Hayley Mulenda is described as "an inspiration for the next generation". She delivers talks to empower students and young adults to sustain a healthy mental well-being.

After nearly committing suicide at the age of 18 Hayley realised how mental health issues are increasingly affecting many people and she was passionate to do something about it.

She is now recognised globally as a Multi- Award Winning Renowned Speaker, Author and Change-Agent who is a light for her generation, shedding awareness on something everyone needs to hear. Her story on “pain to purpose” has impacted thousands of lives across the globe.

Hayley has spoken across Europe, USA and Africa touching on mental health and personal development and can provide models, strategies and key nuggets to individuals and corporations as to what they can do about mental health and mental health awareness.

Hayley published her first book "The ABCs To Student Success " which teaches young people life lessons and strategies on how to sustain a healthy mental wellbeing after facing different trials and tribulations. She is on a mission to bring change, strategy and hope to the next generation.

Recently Hayley was recognised in Houses of Parliament as one of the top 10 Black Students in the UK by “Rare Rising Star” for all the work she’s been doing for mental health in the private sector and public sector.

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