Hayley Barnard



Hayley Barnard is Co-Founder and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd.   She is a compelling communicator, with work previously published in The Times and various national magazines.
Hayley tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusive leadership with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value for audiences‘ working lives.  Her company MIX works with large organisations such as ASDA, Travis Perkins, T-Systems and HSBC and was recently shortlisted for the HR Supplier of the Year Award.
Hayley is a communications expert having studied marketing at postgraduate level and then worked in internal and external business communications for over 20 years. Her passion is to make all of this diversity talk real for employees and leaders; to help them understand practically what they can do to make their workplaces more inclusive.
Her specialism is in strategy development, communication planning and execution - helping organisations to understand what stories they need to stop telling and which ones they need to start telling about diversity and inclusion. 
Hayley went to the Arctic Circle as part of the ˜LeasePlan Women‘s Arctic Challenge‘.  MIX worked with LeasePlan to develop this unique platform to communicate the gender balance issue and challenge unconscious bias within their company.  A great keynote speaker.

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