Guy Browning

The two characteristics that Guy Browning has, both of which are necessary for great business communication are: A thorough understanding of commercial issues and a highly developed sense of humour. Originally an advertising copywriter Browning is known as the 'David Attenborough of the business jungle'. He is the creator of The Guardian's Office column, presenter of Small Talk on Radio 4, and author of a collection of best-sellers. His latest book is 'The Pocket Guru', a brilliantly accessible guide to enterprise.
Guy's expertise lies in the use of creativity in business. He now runs the Smokehouse consultancy, helping companies conceive more innovative products, services and processes, and new ways of communicating. He's also a compelling conference speaker, showing how people in every part of the organisation can use intelligence, initiative and imagination to tackle any core issue. He has also brought a new approach to cinema, writing and directing his first film Tortoise In Love, a low-budget romantic comedy financed by and starring locals from his own Oxfordshire village.
CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION - Keynote Speech/ Workshop   
- Gets groups thinking differently about their job, company and their whole sector.
- Introduces creative thinking skills but also making-things-happen skills.  
- Focuses on new products, better service and stronger teamwork
- Immediately useful tools and techniques to take away
- Interactive, energising, humorous. Great with mixed and multinational audiences
- Works with organisations such as Airbus, Nationwide and WHSmith.
OFFICE POLITICS - Seriously Funny After Dinner Speech 
- Observations of absurdities and surreal happenings in office life
- Taken from his 'Office Politics' book and column in the Guardian
- Interactive and tailored to individual companies
- HR Friendly
- Extensive experience designing and running interactive events for large groups
- Wide knowledge of different business sectors
- Business journalist, insightful commentary on businesses and awards
- Background in stand up comedy Guy Browning's Small Talk  BBC Radio 4
- Creates great energy for events. Flexible, user-friendly, unflappable. 
"Awesome throughout the day and into the evening. Our delegates actually appeared to have tears rolling down their cheeks" The Entrepreneurs" Forum
This was the most wonderful half day of my career at Nationwide.  I have taken away so much more clarity of thought and have already put several ideas into place." Senior Manager Nationwide
Your presentation was not only hilarious but was able to deliver a serious business message in a thought provoking and engaging way"  
Marketing Director Carlson Wagonlit
"I can hand on heart say that over beers at the end you were pointed to as the highlight of the day. Thanks again  it was a great uplift at the beginning of the day, and linked nicely to the innovation in our business." David Garfield MD Cyber Security BAE Systems 

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