Graham Jolley



Graham P. Jolley is an extremely engaging mind-reader, psychologist, entertainer, cabaret artiste and conference speaker with a stream of TV credits and a flair for keeping audiences enthralled.

As a corporate after dinner speaker, a private party entertainer or in the open forum at a conference, his mind reading ability baffles every audience he meets and gains their instant respect.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of an evening with Dr. Graham Jolley is the razor sharp wit which accompanies each astonishing demonstration, guaranteed to keep even the most talkative guest silent in baffled amazement. His will entertain audiences with his repertoire that includes:

¢    Floating table
¢    Remote viewing
¢    Snooker ball experiment
¢    Mind-reading by telephone
¢    Telephone book prediction
¢    Glass shattering with mental power
¢    Dream Holiday prediction

"Our conference opened with an evening of entertainment from Graham Jolley and we could not have asked for a better start. He was delightfully funny and held the audience in his hand for what seemed like a very quick hour."  BAPC Annual Conference - January 2014
"Graham was EXCELLENT. He understood the audience and delivered an outstanding performance. I would definitely recommend him to other colleagues."  Graham performed his mindreading cabaret for Lloyds TSB - March 2012

“The reaction to the entertainment you provided was quite incredible. People still haven't stopped talking about the act - Volkswagen

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