Georgie Barrat

Georgie Barrat is a technology and consumer presenter, broadcaster and journalist, best known for Channel 5's The Gadget Show and Shop Smart Save Money, specialising in sustainability and echo-tech content.

She also reports for BBC Morning Live, Rip Off Britain and ITV Tonight. She has live TV experience, regularly standing in as the main presenter for Jeremy Vine on 5.

Georgie is a go-to expert for consumer programming, featuring on ‘How to spend it well at Christmas’, where she selected some of the best gadgets on offer for gift ideas. She also comments on breaking technology stories for ITV News, BBC Radio 2 and Radio 5 live.

Georgie is interested in how technology is disrupting the way we work and socialise, and the impact AI will have on our society as we know it.

Her keynote exploring future tech trends has taken her all over the world, being invited to speak at events including Web Summit, Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo. Georgie's writing credits extend to a range of publications including The Mirror, Tech City News, The Guardian, Marie Claire & The Metro.

Georgie is passionate about women working in technology and devotes time to encouraging more girls to be involved in STEM subjects. She works alongside Girls in ICT, the IET and Childnet, striving to make technology and the digital world as exciting, safe and inclusive as possible.

She also spent 2021 developing her relationship with Service Now, an American based software company, hosting numerous webinars and live broadcasts to a global audience.

Georgie has hosted multiple podcasts, including “The Tech Disruption Series” that saw her interview various start-ups that are disrupting industries; “Sleep Life”, a podcast all about sleep, one of her favourite pastimes; and Lloyds Banking Group's podcast "No Ordinary Tech".  

Georgie presents news-style content for ITN Business, exploring the world of educational technology. The programme delves into the dynamic world of EdTech, showcasing how digital tools and techniques are revolutionising learning in classrooms.

Georgie brings a genuine interest and warmth to everything that she does. Bringing her journalistic background to her playful presenting style means audiences are quick to like her and really tune in to her explainers - Georgie gets to the bottom of this ever changing world both quickly and fearlessly.

Business needs millennials more than ever to cope with the ever-quickening pace of change – but what values, behaviour and ambitions do young people of today have? In this keynote Georgie Barrat, a Generation Y tech journalist, will give you engaging and informative insights.

How can companies attract, retain and nurture female tech talent? Tech journalist Georgie Barrat explores why women make up only 17% of the industry and offers some practical tips on how businesses can address this imbalance.

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Having a personal online presence is more important than ever when it comes to generating business and developing your career. In this keynote tech journalist Georgie Barrat explains how to optimise search results and network effectively with your own brand online.


“We were thrilled with Georgie, she was extremely professional and her delivery was very polished. We received lots of positive feedback from the evening, and especially thrilled that she was so passionate about her ambition to shed a light on Women in Tech. Overall we were very pleased and would love you to pass on our thanks to her!”

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