George Egg



George Egg - Anarchist Cook and a performer like no other. A unique stand up comedian who often cooks using hotel-room equipment (iron, kettle, trouser-press etc.).  With his pirate‘s earring, white shirt with rolled-up sleeves and brisk manner, he could actually pass as a chef.
He has been hailed as 'a Tommy Cooper for the twenty first century'. A true cross between alternative stand-up comedy and music hall variety.
George Egg has been a professional stand-up comedian for the last two decades. He has an extremely successful solo show with which he has toured in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Austria, France and of course extensively in the United Kingdom, both on the stage and on the television, and more recently has been the support act for Lee Mack, Mickey Flannagan and Jack Dee.
This fanatical cook has an anarchic approach to making meals. Finding himself dissatisfied with the quality of hotel room service while touring the comedy clubs of the world, George takes matters into his own surprisingly capable hands. He serves up a surreal and absurd mix of stand-up comedy and striking innovation, in an unforgettable demonstration of extreme multitasking.
A wholly unique corporate performance that falls somewhere between stand up comedy, illustrated lecture and cookery demonstration.  George can perform a routine lasting 10, 15 or 20 minutes. In the performance studded with jokes and anecdotes, George explains his methods whilst simultaneously preparing a plate of surprisingly impressive food. It could be pancakes prepared on irons, fish poached in a travel kettle or even a full English breakfast.... his way!
George is also an amiable and professional host for awards and presentations.
"Utterly charming ... hugely inventive" -  The Times
"A hugely entertaining variety turn" - The Guardian

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