Geoff Cousins



Geoff is passionate about Profitable Growth within Business and has recently specialised in working with start-ups and SME’s, particularly around Brand, Sales and People transformation. Geoff also consults with Private Equity Companies and is Visiting Professor of Global Governance at The University of South Wales.

He brings intellectual clarity, foresight and commercialism to any business in a logical pragmatic and concise way with an approachable and non threatening but clear and effective delivery style and an enviable business network and address book.

Geoff shares his experiences through a series of Keynotes and Master classes, from an hour to three hours duration. His Keynotes and Master classes share the real experience and insights of leading throughout his career and enables Business Owners, Directors and Leaders to challenge your Growth Mindset and your decision making as leaders.

His topics cover:

From Steelworks to Jaguar : Man of Steel
Career choices, leadership challenges and my insights, including “streetwise skills”
Leading Jaguar : Old Brand to New Performance Lifestyle
Brand strategy, product innovation, customer journey and effective sponsorship – Team Sky, England Cricket
Governance is personal : CFO, MD, NED
Global context, governance and leadership – my insights from different roles, cultures and countries.
Traditional Auto Industry is dead : What next JLR
The forces of disruption, electric, autonomous vehicles and the human impact and the “moral dilemma”

Culture change, transformation and leadership development are core themes in all the keynotes and master classes.



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