Gary Leboff



Gary Leboff is a world class business coach and sports psychologist. Bridging two distinct, hugely demanding arenas with a mutual hunger for success, Gary provides a unique insight into the tools of achievement, and has produced outstanding results in both fields. He also has a regular column in Golf Monthly.
Gary Leboff has extensive media experience. Offering expert comment on BBC 1&2, ITN and Channel 4 News, Gary's work formed a centrepiece of BBC's groundbreaking series 'The Challenge'. Gary's first book 'Dare' was published in 2006. 
Gary's clients range from Chief Executives to factory workers, Premiership footballers to amateur golfers. At a time when individuals find themselves under increasing pressure to deliver world-class performance, external assistance is often required. Steeped in the coaching, personal development and training environment, Gary's attitude is refreshing. Instead of taking a 'consultancy approach' - bringing tailor made solutions to client issues - Gary's reputation is founded on creativity and innovation, designing fresh solutions to solve real problems.
A vastly experienced public speaker, Gary has provided a diverse array of presentations to corporate, private and invited audiences. Topics may range from 'How To Change Your Life With A Lift Crash' to 'The Mindset of Champions' and 'Tales From The Dressing Room'.
Blending video footage with insight and anecdotes, Gary's style is warm, insightful and entertaining. 
Drawing on his experiences across industry and sport, Gary's speeches are individually crafted to inform, enlighten and entertain.

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