Gareth Shoulder




Gareth Shoulder is one of the new waves of up and coming young close up magicians, an innovative thinker he is extremely creative and has already made a big name for him self creating 2 DVD tutorials. 
Aside from winning lots of awards for his close up magic and being highly regarded by his peers in the magic fraternity, Gareth has performed in hundreds of venues around the world. His CV is packed with impressive shows, television and presenting experience, but ultimately Close up magic is his passion and you can not help but be amazed. Perfect for corporate events you can guarantee Gareth will amaze your guests.
"INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT and WOW! WOW! WOW! You are a true professional!"
Kailah Edlington, Private Client

"Everyone was stunned, super impressed and gob smacked. Everyone is still talking about it days later."
Nicola James, Director of Marketing SONY

"Rounds of applause could be heard throughout the evening, you were incredible! Still no idea how you did any of those tricks..."
Emma Dewitt, Private Client

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