Gail Emms



Gail Emms is a British badminton player who has achieved international success at the very top of the game.

A badminton player since the age of four, Gail was first chosen to represent England in 1995. Along with partner Nathan Robertson she has been World Champion, No. 1 in the world rankings at mixed doubles, European, Commonwealth and All England Champion and Olympic silver medallist in Athens 2004.

Since retiring from the game after the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Gail has proved herself as a talented and versatile sports presenter, including stints on Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC 5Live and "A Question of Sport". She was a commentator for badminton at London 2012.

As a highly successful professional badminton player, Gail has honed her own self motivation skills and is an excellent and enthusiastic motivational speaker. Her talks covers: Secrets to Success - Self-Belief - Resilience - Goal Setting - Keeping Focus and Motivation - High Performing Teams

Gail's sporting journey started from playing in tin hut in Bedford to 20,000 people in the Far East, pushing the barriers all the way. Since retiring, Gail continues to challenge herself with charity climbs up Mt Kilimanjaro, running the London marathon and even completing a stand-up comedy course, proving that the comfort zone should never remain static!

She inspired clients including Sainsbury’s, St James Place Wealth Management, Buckingham University, Anglo Bank, John Lewis, SportsAid, Best Western Hotels, British Turkey, Panasonic and SEAT.

"Gail is a wonderful professional person to work with. She is enthusiastic, friendly and full of ideas and has delivered for us every time" Account Director of British Turkey

“Gail is a truly inspirational speaker who has an undeniable ability to connect. At the end of her presentation, Gail leaves you feeling like you can achieve absolutely anything you put your mind to – you just need to be determined and to have the resilience to overcome obstacles, however big or small.” 21st Century Legacy

“Gail Emms is an inspiration: she wowed our SportsAid lunch guests with her Olympic stories and her vow ‘to be the best you she can be’. A true professional and well worth listening to.” SportsAid Eastern

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