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Frances Edmonds is a truly international expert in the business of communication. Her latest book, "Winning The Game of Life" suggests tools for personal success and motivation and embraces techniques employed by many of Britain's foremost captains of industry and top sportsmen and women.

Frances's unique skill-set makes her a highly effective and much sought after moderator.

Her strong academic background (Frances holds a masters degree from Cambridge University) combined with her training as an international conference interpreter and her extensive experience as a broadcaster ensure swift mastery of even the most complicated brief and a capacity to "think on her feet."

Fifteen years of negotiating at the highest level (UN, EU, World Economic Summits) has taught her invaluable lessons in the art of cross-cultural communication and consensus creation. She uses these insights, together with her creative talents as a linguist, writer, broadcaster and keynote speaker to help crystallise and communicate your corporate message with warmth, wit and intelligence.

As an interviewer, she is adept at asking probing questions while simultaneously working to put her interviewees at ease and imbue them with e confidence to respond cogently and comprehensively.

Her strong inter-personal skills allow her to establish an excellent rapport with client, audience and keynote speakers/interviewees alike. Clients are impressed by her strong desire to function as an integral part of the event team and her understanding that the moderator must not only display excellent platform skills herself, but must also strive to ensure that those around her are inspired to shine.

Best-Selling Author...
In 1986, her first book, Another Bloody Tour (an outrageously funny and highly controversial account of the England cricket team's tour of the West Indies) became an overnight international No 1 best-seller and shook England's male-dominated sporting establishments to their foundations.

In 1987, she covered the Ashes series in Australia and wrote another No 1 best-seller, Cricket XXXX Cricket , which again created uproar. Whilst in Australia, she covered the America's Cup for The Times and hosted Good Morning Australia, the country's most popular breakfast TV show.

Further books, Members Only ( an irreverent search for signs of independent intelligent life in Westminster- she found few) Samson & Delilah, Star of Heaven and Games all met with critical acclaim. Her latest work, Winning The Game of Life, is based on three years of research and interviews and suggests tools for personal and business success and embraces techniques employed by many of the UK's foremost captains of industry and top sportsmen and women.

She is currently working on her next book exploring longevity, managing disruption and the continuous personal and professional transitions required for successful life in 21st century

A Talented & Entertaining Speaker...
Her understanding of business issues, gleaned from her own experience in helping creating a specialised construction company, led to her election as an Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Founder member and Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association.

Frances contributes to a wide range of publications, including The Times and The Evening Standard, and appears regularly on radio and television, frequently as a news reviewer for BBC's TV's "Breakfast with Frost." She is currently working on a book about mothers and daughters. She spends her time between her homes in Notting Hill, London, and Biarritz, France.

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