Flaming Firemen




The singing firemen have created a unique and extraordinary show that will surprise and delight an audience. A new twist on the unexpected appearance of operatic singers at an event to entertain and bring laughter and amazement.

Two firemen in uniform enter the room with the Manager or MC. They walk around a little and point at a few areas which look as though they are examining the venue from a safety point of view.

Being passed the microphone the Chief Fire Officer tells the guests not to be alarmed but for health and safety reasons this is a random spot check which will not take long. He is so sorry to interrupt their night out.

The Fire Officer then decides that the fire-fighter with him will explain a little about fire safety and leaves to investigate the kitchen area.

The fire fighter begins to tell the guests about fire safety in public places but acknowledging that he at last has a proper audience, he wants to fulfil a long term ambition as a singer. He then bursts into song much to the amazement of the audience.  Then the Fire Chief seizes his opportunity to join in and they go into their routine together. Finally, an unsuspecting guest gets a surprise song from the lady guest beside him.

With numbers including 'If I loved You' to 'Smoke gets in Your Eyes' the Flaming Firemen are guaranteed to make it a night to remember.


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