Fiona Thornewill



On Saturday 10th January 2004 - Fiona Thornewill arrived at the South Pole
after 42 days of unsupported solo walking smashing the previous record of 44
days walking or skiing.
Making her the fastest person to the South Geographic Pole unsupported. Her
route of 700 miles, towing a 285-pound sledge, against a constant headwind
that provides a remorseless - 50C chill, across the highest, coldest and
most remote continent on Earth, is an undertaking for only the strongest and
most experienced of polar adventurers.

Fiona is an excellent role model and she enjoys visiting schools to inspire
and encourage pupils. Fiona and Mike are keen supporters of The Duke of
Edinburgh Award and work with lots of young people. She has also spoken to
many businesses and associations.

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