Emmanuel Jal



Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier from South Sudan, turned international recording artist, activist and philanthropist. He is owner of Gatwitch Records, Jal Gua Foods and founder of Gua Africa charity. Jal’s vision is to share his experiences for social emotional learning through the Arts Business and Philanthropy, in order to create a higher state of conscious global awakening.

His corporate talks will awken something in you.

He has performed at the following events and with the following people!:

President Bill Clinton for The Clinton global Initiative | Virgin Unite with Richard Branson | TED Global and TED Audacious Ideas with Larry Paige Founder of Google, Chris Anderson founder of TED, Steve Wozniak founder of Apple, Lauren Powell Jobs | David Cameron former prime minister of UK | Gordon Brown former prime minister of UK | The UN with Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon and Stevie Wonder | The Elders Group with Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, Kofi Annan, President Jimmy Carter, Martti Ahtisaari, Mary Robinson, President Ernesto Zedillo | One Concert with his Holiness the Dalai Lama | Child Soldier’s Initiative with Angelina Jolie and General Romeo Dallaire | Charlize Theron and Pussy Riot for Cinema for Peace | Meghan Markle for Kruger Cowne | CHER and Bob Geldof for One Young World | G20 | Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday | Live Aid | Peace One Day | Warchild |

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