Emily Maitlis



Award-winning journalist and broadcaster Emily Maitlis is one of the most influential people working in the world of modern international media with an enviable history of success in multiple fields.

Emily was recognised by GQ Magazine as one of the most influential people in Britain. Having covered elections in the US and UK for the BBC, she fronted Newsnight, becoming a stalwart of the broadcaster’s news output and a trusted voice with the viewing public.
She has interviewed Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as well as each of the last six UK Prime Ministers among numerous other political leaders. In the world of culture and international affairs she has sat down with subjects including Mark Zuckerberg, Usain Bolt, Sheryl Sandberg, Marine le Pen, and Emma Thompson.

In a groundbreaking interview that defined the news and cultural narrative she spoke exclusively to Prince Andrew, as the royal prince talked publicly for the first time about his links to Jeffrey Epstein. 
Having left the BBC and signed with Global, the next chapter of her career built upon the success she enjoyed with the Americast podcast, presenting the ground-breaking daily podcast The News Agents which shot to the top of the podcast charts where she is joined by Jon Sopel and Lewis Goodall.

Deep diving into the topics of the day, The News Agents instantly became the go to listen for intelligent analysis and expert opinion.

Emily delivered the flagship address at the 2022 Edinburgh TV Festival – The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture – when the Festival returned to an in-person event. The lecture covered the complex world of modern journalism exploring the threat to reporting the news and holding power to account across the globe, how it comes not just with intimidation and outright censorship, but in more nuanced ways with language and normalizing the extraordinary.
Emily is author of the Sunday Times bestseller, Airhead: An Exploration of the Imperfect Art of Making News, which is currently being adapted. She has also written for The Sunday Times and the Spectator as well as the Guardian, the Evening Standard and the New Statesman. 
Celebrated for her unique and inimitable style, GQ Magazine said -  “Don’t confuse her with Andrew Neil. He grills; she incinerates”.

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