Ed Jackson



In April 2017, after diving into the shallow end of a swimming pool, Ed broke his neck and suffered a spinal cord injury which left him paralysed from the neckdown. Doctors said that he would never walk again... but through sheer determination and intensive rehabilitation, Ed reached the summit of mountains within a year of his operation. Ed inspires others to overcome their fears and details how goals are achievable no matter how impossible they may seem.

Ed's life altering experience has provided him with an incredible ability to motivate people. Drawing on his own experiences, Ed takes you on an honest journey through his accident and highlights the ways in which he took a fearlessly active approach to defy all odds on the road to his recovery. After listening to Ed talk you will be inspired to push through adversity, embrace a more positive mindset and be introduced to the importance of persevering through obstacles with resilience and courage.

In November 2019, Ed climbed Mera Peak! When not climbing mountains Ed can regularly be seen presenting and commentating on Channel 4. Ed was recently listed to appear as a part of the Channel 4's Tokyo Paralympic coverage in summer 2020, before the event was moved to summer 2021.

"I asked Ed to come into Aspen Insurance Ltd to speak to my Finance team on the topic of resilience and determination. Ed is a true inspiration and his incredible story translates easily into lessons that can be leant by most businesses. His passion, humour and ability to relate his experiences into the needs of a modern day, growing team within a Financial Service company was excellent. He made a tangible, positive impact on my staff who were hugely complementary and thankful for Ed’s inspirational talk. Highly recommended for any team going through a period of change or transformation. Thank you!"

Gareth Nokes, Chief Financial Officer, Aspen

"Very inspiring talk from Ed Jackson at Microsoft yesterday. Incredible story, amazing what can be achieved with the right mind set and determination. Highly recommended"

Iwan Evans, Director Customer Programs, Microsoft

 "I was recommended to get in touch with Ed regarding his inspiring story around his road to recovery as I was trying to source a motivational keynote speaker for one of our flagship corporate events in London. Not only was Ed a pleasure to work with in the build-up to the event, he was timely in communications and very open on his content which made my role a lot easier! Ed truly has an amazing story to tell and his presentation style is confident yet humble which made for a great keynote talk that was enthused over by all attendees who went to the session. Ed is early on in his journey and I know that everyone that attended, myself included, will be following his story more closely to see what other professional and personal goals he will achieve."

Natasha Preocanin, Associate Director at In-house Recruitment Network



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