Pippa Malmgren



Dr Malmgren consults on a global scale for public and private organisations, national governments, financial institutions, associations, industry executives and more. She served President George W. Bush as a Special Assistant to the President and on the Economic Council, advising on the Enron scandal and terrorism risks to the economy post-9/11. She was until 2019, a Non-Executive Board Member of the Department of International Trade in the UK. Using all the knowledge she’s gathered over an eclectic and stimulating career, her entrepreneurship has led her to found a number of ventures in emerging technology, including H Robotics, an industrial drone manufacturing firm which won Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year at the National Technology Awards 2020.

Pippa has delivered keynote speeches for Google, American Express, Ernst and Young, Barclays and HSBC, as well as giving the Commencement Address at the London School of Economics graduation ceremonies multiple times throughout the years. As the award-winning author of four books, she is well-placed to synthesise complex concepts into ideas that an audience will want to take away. She leaves audiences energised, empowered and excited to seek out the next big opportunity that may have been overlooked before. Her keynote speeches are infused with her signature combination of expertise and charisma, providing valuable insights, practical solutions and cautious optimism for the future.

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