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Dr Beau Lotto is a World-famous neuroscientist who uses the principles of neuroscience to prepare and super-motivate an audience to uncover the strategy behind the Big Picture.
We all know the world is changing fast. The challenge is to adapt or die. Dr Lotto will show an audience how to thrive in the face of change in practical plain talk, the neuroscience behind personal evolution. He provides the detailed steps to achieve a successful culture where an  audience can empower evolvability and thrive as a result.

Beau’s megamix is more than just science, however; he weaves in ideas from technology, art, fashion, music, and performance. It’s the kind of subject matter, delivered in a friendly, entertaining style, that turns heads. 

He delivers usable ideas that create a more invigorating, inventive, and evocable company culture. This couldn be a first step in creating more meaningful, post-transactional customer relationships; an insight backed by science. 

“Learn to know less so you can learn more.” is how Beau Lotto expresses it.

Beau’s keynote is more than just another indistinguishable inspirational speaker yelling, “You can do it!” Much more. Here, you get a fact-based return on investment. Don’t let Beau’s science background put you off – his talks are always common-sense, and peppered with humour, audience participation and actionable principles that audiences can apply in their professional lives. 

He’s been electrifying crowds for over 30 years, including a three-time gig as a mainstage TED speaker and CEO/Founder of multiple startups,. How? By challenging his audiences’ perceptions about change, getting them to look past their biases, and sparking ideas about how to create a more evolved, can-do organization. 


 In a time of uncertainty within our industry, (Beau) provided us with fascinating information on how our brain resolves uncertainty past information and context.  I hope that our leaders now recognize that perception is unique to each of us as individuals, and strive to perceive things differently to encourage creativity and adaption necessary for us to grow 
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