Dr Adam Rutherford



Dr. Adam Rutherford is a geneticist & writer with multiple credits as a distiguished radio broadcaster with the BBC  

Adam’s background is in genetics and evolution, having gained his PhD from UCL, where he now teaches and has since been awarded an honorary fellowship. 

Adam has written 8 books centred around genetics, eugenics, and other areas of popular science.  Adam has authored two Sunday Times Best Sellers, with his 2020 release ‘How to Argue with a Racist’ and ‘Rutherford and Fry’s Complete Guide to Everything' - Co-authored with Hannah Fry. 

Adam’s latest book ‘Control: The dark past and troubling present of Eugenics’ was published in early 2022 and has since been adapted into BBC Radio 4’s ‘Bad Blood’. A regular voice on Radio 4, Adam currently hosts ‘The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry alongside Hannah Fry’ and 'Bad blood’ (An adaptation of his 2022 book - Control). 

He often features on other shows, having made multiple guest appearances on The Infinite Monkey Cage and guest presenting Start The week (2022).

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