Dominique Woolf



Dominique Woolf is a food entrepreneur whose reputation grows by the day as she successfully juggles a hectic family life with a flourishing  business

Dominique was the winner of Channel 4’s The Great Cookbook Challenge with Jamie Oliver, author of best-selling cookbook Dominique’s Kitchen, and founder of The Woolf’s Kitchen.

Being half Thai, she loves big, bold flavours and credits her Auntie Dang as the inspiration with her unlabelled jars of sweet, spicy, fresh sauces used to whip up and pour on just about everything. Her legendary tamarind sauce was so mind-blowingly good, Dominique created her own version and so The Woolf’s Kitchen was born. 

Starting in the middle of lockdown 2020 with three young kids in tow (then aged, 3, 4, and 5) she began selling to local shops and delis. Her range has grown from 3 sauces to include 2 cooking pastes and 2 chilli oils. 5 out of 7 of the products have a Great Taste Award star. Her products are now available nationwide through COOP and at Selfridges.



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