Dominic Cummings



Dominic Cummings is the highly controversial political strategist behind the Vote Leave campaign and Boris Johnson's ill fated Premiership but nobody doubts his extraordinary ability to harness modern technology to political objectives

As Director of Vote Leave and then Chief Adviser to Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings's campaign tactics won both the 2016 EU referendum and the 2019 general election. 

Who will win the UK election and why? What’s really happening in No10 now? How will the parties fight the election? Who will win and why? How will new technology affect the campaign? 

The teams Dominic created built unprecedented technology for understanding and influencing public opinion. Nobody is better placed to cut through the noise of the mainstream media and explain the impact and opportunities of the 2024 election. 

Who will win the US election and why? Who might replace Biden if he steps down for health reasons? How will Trump campaign while dealing with criminal trials? What are the prospects of serious violence? How will the campaigns interact with the international crises over Ukraine, Taiwan and elsewhere?

Recently, Dominic has been conducting extensive market research in the crucial US states that will determine the winner in the 2024 US election. He can explain the dynamics of the election, what Washington and Silicon Valley elites are thinking that isn’t reported in the media, and how the campaigns match up.

Geopolitics and technology: what will the world look like in a decade?

How will AI affect politics and elections? What’s coming with the next wave of GPT-style models and open source? How are militaries and intelligence services adapting to technological change? How will the Ukraine war and US-China tensions play out? 

In No10, Dominic focused particularly on science, technology and military/security issues, including pushing the UK armed forces to make science and technology central to their approach, which makes him well placed to speak to how AI will affect politics and elections, and what’s coming with the next wave of GPT-style models and open source.



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