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Dave Birss is a much sought - after motivational speaker with an original take on transformation of businesses and mindsets using creativity as the prime driver of change 

A creator, myth breaker, and musical jam maker, Dave Birss is not your average keynote speaker. His energetic and entertaining talks are mesmerising; packed full of stories, case-studies, practical know-how and music (yes!). His mission is to demystify and disrupt creativity and innovation, to help us construct better, invaluable ideas. 

Dave is obsessed with creativity - what it is, its role in history and what makes some people better at coming up with ideas than others. It’s at the core of everything he does, and he’s hellbent on using these understandings to help everyone improve their thinking.

Using simplicity and humour, Dave captivates audiences with pragmatic advice and tangible techniques on how to tap into everyone's creativity , apply it to benefit a broad range of disciplines, and unlock competitive advantage for any organisation. His methodologies, frameworks and practical exercises have helped to accelerate innovation and idea generation worldwide.

Dave spent years in advertising and his experience spans many industries, such as publishing, finance, education, government, broadcasting, technology, FMCG, and marketing. He tailors each talk he gives, aiming to challenge audiences with plain truths rather than tell them what they already know.

Dave took part in our Virtual Diversity Panel - check it out below!


To say that the crowd loved him would be a serious understatement. To every corporate event organiser and conference director outthere - hire Dave to speak. It will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Program Director, spark.me

A brilliant resource for our creative teams acrossthe UK. Simple, elegant, intelligent and relevant,‘How To Get To Great Ideas’ debunks the BS around creativity and will elevate your thinking to produce more potent ideas.

Group Creative Director, Communicorp, UK

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Dave Birss on the Diversity Panel webinar