Darren McMullen



Darren was born in Glasgow, emigrated to Australia at the age of 12 and then moved to Los Angeles.

A conventional working career began in Australia compete with suit and ties and all that jazz but it wasn't long before he realised this was definitely not what he wanted so he dumped the suits and set off around the world with only the clothes on his back.
Somewhere in North America (recollections of that time are a little bit hazy) he realised he had a bit of a knack for making people laugh and it occurred to him that this may be where his destiny lay...

His first job on his return to Australia was as a compere for a nightly wet T-shirt competition - a dirty job but someone had to do it! He was thoroughly enjoying entertaining people and headed back to Sydney, scoring himself his first TV job as host for car show 'Ignition'. It was an absolute hit with car lovers and a great 'jump start' to his career in front of the camera.

Darren's next job was as host on Australia's Arena TV's 'Exclusive', a show that he had helped to create. Similar to 'Entertainment Tonight' it gave him the opportunity to cosy up to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.
Darren really takes his background research very seriously, his interview style is about being able to get into someone's head, which can mean breaking boundaries left, right and centre.  
At that point in his career MTV invited Darren to let loose with his wild and crazy antics as the host of live music show 'The Lair'. The epitome of gritty, dirty, rock and roll music 'The Lair' has no rules and neither does Darren, and, therefore it was a match made in heaven!
As host of  MTV's 'Fan Vs Band', a show that he helped to write and develop, he created a character for himself called 'Cheesy Mac'. On the surface Cheesy was an over-the-top TV host but, deep down, he was one very disturbed individual. When the true Cheesy came to light, live on air, in front of his celebrity guests, reactions were priceless.
Primetime network television beckoned with Channel Nine's 'Commercial Breakdown', a show that Darren helped to write and develop for Australian audiences. On the success of the first season he was asked him to come back and do several one-hour "adults only" specials. 
Darren has hosted a number of high profile televised events and award shows, including four consecutive years of 'Snow Jam,' the free, open-air music festival that takes place on ski slopes all over the world. 
Darren's hosting talents have been in hot demand by 'Event TV', an entertainment/celebrity show screened in the foyers of cinemas all around Australia and New Zealand.

From host of  game show 'Minute To Win It' on Australia's Channel 7 network Darren took to the jungles of Costa Rica to film NBC's primetime summer blockbuster, 'Love In The Wild' which is currently being shown in America and Canada and has had fantastic ratings.

After surviving Costa Rica Darren made a revamped version of 'Minute To Win It' for ITV 2 and was then offered a massive break by BBC 1 hosting their extremely popular Saturday night entertainment how 'The Magicians'.
With ITV2 buying 'Love in the Wild' Darren is set to become a regular on TV screens in the UK. 

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