Dan Germain



Dan Germain is the former Group Head of Brand and Creative at Innocent, a company probably best known for their smoothies, healthy drinks and veg pots. He  worked there since the business began in 1999, building the brand, the voice, the look and the ideas from the start.
In his presentations Dan tells the story of how Innocent came to be one of the top three fastest growing companies in the UK. It's a story that involves entrepreneurial ability, innovation, creativity, original marketing and fruit by the bucketload!
Dan's duties at Innocent included overseeing all advertising and creative tasks, from the web to books and packaging to advertising. He grew the Innocent brand to be big and strong, as well as making his own mark by drawing pictures for the front of the smoothie labels.
"Dan's appearance resulted in some of the best feedback we have ever had from a company conference. Witty, business focussed, interesting and entirely appropriate for the tone and theme of our conference"   Sanofi Pasteur MSD

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