Cristina Criddle



Cristina Criddle is a technology correspondent at the Financial Times, specialising in artificial intelligence and social media.

An award-winning journalist, Cristina has covered tech for almost a decade. She regularly breaks exclusive stories on tech companies such as Meta, Google, OpenAI, and TikTok.

Cristina is a specialist speaker on Artificial Intelligence. She examines how AI has entered the consumer market, with the mass adoption of advanced models like Chat GPT becoming common. She can also speak to enterprise AI and how developments are transforming workplaces. She highlights the need for regulation, action, and agency as the AI arms race continues, raising huge questions for humanity.

Cristina was a technology reporter at the BBC, working across TV, radio and online, including on the Today Programme and BBC Breakfast. She also produced the leading BBC 3 documentary, the Instagram Effect, featuring exclusive testimony from insiders about how the platform impacts wellbeing.

In 2022, after writing a series of stories on the company’s operations in London and Europe, TikTok admitted in December that staff at ByteDance had tracked Cristina through her cat’s account in an attempt to identify her sources. She was the only British journalist this happened to, and the actions included surveilling physical location data as well as other personal information.


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